Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sign Wars

A political sign goes up in a neighborhood. And then the very next day, another. And then, overnight, it's as though those two signs had gotten together and got BIZZEEEE!

Fortunately for the Academy, our little neighborhood has been spared. Until yesterday when the Ehrlich bunch started a fight. Then the O'Malley crowd got into it. Now, the signs are springing up everywhere.

Today, the Headmaster took the matter into his own hands and created a sign that would make any Unitarian proud.

Let's hope this calms things down a bit.


Bobbie said...

I have been an avid O'Merlich supporter from the beginning, but have been unable to procur 500 signs for my yard and my neighbors. Can you tell me where you got yours?

Jim Chandler said...

In search of a way to unwind after working 100 hours last week, the Headmaster decided to make a yard sign. He mocked it up in Photoshop, printed it in four 8.5x11 quadrants, glued them to foam core, then laminated the whole thing. Yeah, after letting the Academy go unmaintained for three straight weeks, the Headmistress was very pleased at how he'd spent his day yesterday!

Hey, he didn't ONLY make the sign. C'mon, give him some credit! He made bumper stickers too.