Friday, August 17, 2007

The Piano Man

Well Josh finally has the instrument of his future fame and fortune. The kids were so happy they were dancing to the tune of... well, I'm not sure what it was... a creative interpretation of Mary Had a Little Lamb?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How To Lose A Guy In Two Days

The best way I know of is to require hardwood floors before a new piano is delivered, then schedule the delivery two days out.

I have completely lost my mind. I'm a walking zombie. I haven't stopped in 48 hours. Going from 50's era linoleum to finished hardwood floor in two days. What was I thinking?

Unfortunately, I didn't get "before" pictures of the disgusting carpet(decorated by incontinent dogs) or the linoleum that we discovered under it. But I do have "during" and "after" pictures. The finish is boiled linseed oil, if you can believe that. I love the natural wood look and the way it really brings out the grain without being too dark.

Piano? Bring it on baby.


AFTER pics

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Talk to the hand...

Its hard to believe that summer is winding down. We have SO enjoyed the pool this year. The boys are finally comfortable in the water, which I didn't think would EVER happen.

Last week the Academy hosted the student bodies of several other area schools, and we swam into the night. Since then, the students of the Academy insist on a night swim.

Fall and Winter are approaching? Ha - talk to the hand...

Slowing down in upstate NY

Every time I come up to Baldwinsville, I'm amazed at how relaxed things are here, compared to life back at the Academy. Things are a little slower, a little less hectic. This morning we went over to Mary's house - ET's friend. It was like taking a step back in some kind of time warp. What an amazing house.

I had to take some shots of the potting shed she and her husband built out back - step through the arbor hand-made of tree branches, and prepare to be amazed. The little details are everywhere, just like in the main house. This is one of my all-time favorite sheds!